Saturday, December 26, 2009

Top 10 Photos of the Week

Saving the Cat 902
Gratitude is not a cat’s long suit

Butterfly Mom 948
On the playground the other kids gave him a lot of crap for having a butterfly mom.
But it usually just took a fluttering of her wings to make all the bad times seem good again.

Big Wheel Fighter 844
There was a reason why terrorists feared him

Let This Be a Message to All you Humans!
Every time the outdoor movie theater has a showing of the Hitchock thriller
“The Birds,” incidents like this started happening

Eye Gouge Defense 344
It became known as the Mr Potatohead Move – rearranging of the facial parts

Kid Power 300
After 3 long years at the Moses School of Divine Inspiration,
it was finally starting to pay off

Ice Hiking 884
It wasn’t so much that he didn’t want to ask directions,
he just should have done it 2-3 days earlier

Granny Rescue 773
Her entire life she had dreamed of moments like this, having the wind blowing up her skirt

Fear of Heights 377
Doing something totally stupid always starts with a
brief moment of contemplative thought

Shadow Running 321
Problem with reattaching your shadow is that it always requires surgery

Teddy Bears 489
His size was deceptive, and he was cute as a button,
but carnivals almost always lost money on him

The Screw  754
Some screws just know where they want to go

Marriage 648
Marriage is like gambling. Place your bets, winner takes all

Sniper Fox 770
Next time you spot a fox in rabbit clothing, you’ll know why

Chicken Road 837
No one ever bothered to ask the chicken why he crossed the road.
This tunneling thing though requires a whole different  line of questioning

Underwater Man 576
Parking violations in Chicago face swift and sure justice

No Birds 486
Adding the new signs wasn’t what you’d call a brilliant strategy

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