Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Toilet Restaurant Of Beijing

An innovative restaurant in Beijing doesn’t offer romantic candlelight dinners but do provide humor and excitement along with relaxation through its special kinds of Toilet seats theme.
All the 50 seats in the crowded restaurant are made from toilet bowls. Dishes are served in mini toilet bowls and drinks in plastic urinals. Clients wash their hands and mouths using toilet rolls hung above their tables and dessert is chocolate ice cream in the shape of a turd. A small glass cabinet on the wall displays a wide range of feces-related toys that customers can buy as a souvenir to remind themselves
of a special dining experience.

People enjoying meal on toilet seats

Qin, the manager said she wants to amuse her customers’ senses and make them forget their daily grind for just a moment while eating here.
“This is not traditional. It makes people happy and relaxes them. Older customers who come here also say that dining here makes them want to laugh. They say eating here is very comfortable,” Qin said.
The idea of combining excrement and food is nothing new. Toilet restaurants in Taiwan, New York and other places have proven to be successful for years.
Beijing’s toilet restaurant opened 18 months ago. Names of its specialties on the menu often make it difficult for customers to guess what exactly are in the dishes. The most often ordered one called “Our Famed Constipation” is made from deep fried potato.
The restaurant draws on young people, especially university students. The average price of each dish is around three to four U.S. dollars The affordable dining experiences at the restaurant have been keeping people coming back for more.

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