Sunday, November 8, 2009

Augmented Real time glasses offer Instant translation

Projecting real-time language translation directly into people’s eyes, augmented reality glasses have been developed like “Terminator style”. Japanese tech company NEC has unveiled Tele Scouter, a system that can translate conversations in real time, and project subtitles onto a user's retina.

Augmented reality glasses: coming soon

The scheme uses voice identification, microphones and translation programmes to translate conversations as they happen, creating subtitles to shape the need for human translators. Audio translations are also delivered by means of headphones.
The Tele Scouter eyeglasses are due for release in Japan by next November, but will initially only be available to businesses in packs of 30 at a cost of £50,000.
The app has a glossary of 40,000 words, and is prejudiced towards common travel queries and health information.

The technology is the latest tool to offer real-time translation.
Last month, an iPhone app offering real-time Spanish to English translation was released by Jibbigo. It works by letting users speak into the iPhone, recording one sentence at a time, which is translated automatically.

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