Monday, October 26, 2009

World’s Biggest Ever Spider Discovered

The world’s largest spinning spider discovered. The new species of giant spider is so big that it can eat birds and bats with its four-feet wide web.

The picture shows Normal Size of Spider web
The Spider is found in Madagascar and Africa, the growth of spider is more than four inches in diameter which is officially the world’s biggest web spinning spider.
The Spider is named Nephila Komaci. It has the quality of eating insects but it can also prey on small birds, bats and even lizards.
Not poisonous to humans but it could issue a nasty bite. Like many spiders, it is only the females that are the giants, with males up to five times smaller than their mates.
More than 41,000 spider species are known to science with about 400

– 500 new species added each year.

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