Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The 1st EVER Coeducational University In Saudi Arabia

Riyadh- King Abdullah Science and Technology University, or KAUST,inaugurated on Wednesday its first-ever fully integrated coeducational university. It breaks many of the conservative country’s social taboos by allowing,for the first time, men and women to take classes together.
Saudi royals and dignitaries attended the inauguration ceremony outside the coastal city of Jeddah.
So far 817 students representing 61 different countries are currently enrolled, with 314 beginning classes this month while the rest are
scheduled to start in the beginning of 2010. The aim is to expand to 2,000 students within eight to 10 years. Out of that total, 15% are Saudi Citizens.

The university’s financial backing will allow all the students to receive full scholarships covering their tuition plus a stipend.

Let’s wait and watch the Response of Muslim and Non-Muslim Countries on this Inauguration. What will be the response of “International Islamic Countries” on this Inauguration. And where will it all leads?

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