Thursday, September 17, 2009

THE BRASS VERDICT, by Michael Connelly.

Since the events of the previous novel, Attorney Mickey Haller has spent a year recuperating from his wounds and a subsequent addiction to painkillers. But he is called back to the practice of law when an old friend, defense attorney Jerry Vincent, is murdered. Haller inherits Vincent's caseload, the high-profile trial of a Hollywood mogul accused of slaying his wife and her lover. Haller secures the "franchise" case, persuading the mogul to keep him on as counsel by promising not to seek a postponement of the trial, which is due to start in nine days.

Meanwhile, maverick LAPD detective Harry Bosch, the main character in several earlier novels written by Connelly, is investigating Vincent's murder. Bosch, warning that Vincent's killer may come after Haller next, persuades the reluctant lawyer to cooperate in the ongoing murder investigation. Meanwhile, Haller shakes off the rust, and lingering self-doubts, as he prepares for the double-murder trial.

Unknown to Haller, but revealed in previous Connelly novels, is the fact that Bosch is Haller's half-brother.

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