Sunday, September 13, 2009

Beast of Awakening

Cynthia Williams, Ellora's Cave

Space Captain Sirus Parker has his work cut out for him when he's asked to take a tigran female, Danni, on a voyage to her homeworld. Very close to entering into her first heat, Danni's blossoming sexuality is irresistible to Sirus who, despite outward appearances, is way more feral than he looks.

Sirus and Danni are drawn to one another but before she leaves, her foster family—including five big burly wolfan brothers—want to make sure that Sirus won't take advantage of their pack sister. Finally able to spend time alone together on their space voyage, Sirus and Danni are eager to explore their feelings…and each other's bodies.

Light years from home, Danni and Sirus are thrown into a maelstrom of desire as Danni's heat takes hold…weeks ahead of schedule.

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